Cosmina Lefanto

Who I am

Cosmina Lefanto,

my because:

photographing for a need and hunger to arrive…

Where passion begins.
A place to express ourselves, that is a natural form of Being here.

Where the “beyond” and the “different” are windows open to the world and to ourselves.

Here and now… sometimes the farthest is the closest

Currently I am continuing my research in artistic photography, from reportage as interior design and increase the influence and the visibility of companies through my pictures or as a web designer.

Diploma in photographic arts at the Bodoni Paravia in 2009, over the years I have dealt with institutional, corporate reportage, events such as concerts and theater, and private events .

Of Romanian nationality, and after 20 years in Italy studying and working life, my desire of far took me away in the Dominican Republic.

Currently a counselor in training institute Artemisia, and I lead loboratories that combine the passion for photographic art with research on themselves.

They say about me:

Photography rises therefore to a privileged field of analysis of reality according to individual parameters that tend to isolate one single aspect to increase to the maximum its evocative power. In more and more complex and contradictory world, the artist can use photography to focus his any ability to elaborate his semantic code by some expressive typologies which characterize the contemporary artistic scene.

Everyone approaches to the objective to elaborate a personal strategy of seeing, that’s necessary to express his own thought though an exact code of interpretation linked to the need to create a direct contact with world.

This research goes on by slidings, not inside the sense but on the surface of the image. The artist has to realize a process whose point of arrival matches with an image construction that becomes reality just when it amplify to the maximum its artificial nature.

According to Plato, the soul through contemplation could reach knowledge of God’s form and of other divine forms.

So to make a photo becomes an act of will, i. e. a living intention to save from total loss something which won’t come back. The true master-memory is the planet surface. And to make photos means to be oware of a piece of that history.

To create image post-it… for not forget.

Mariana Paparà