Personal projects

The double reality

Cosmina Lefanto & Ezio Tenryu Zanin

Digital collage, Hahnemuhle print on 100% cotton paper. CIRCULATION: LIMITED EDITION 2 of 6.

Sumi-e painting Ezio Tenryu Zanin. Project, photos and post production Cosmina Lefanto

<< In this project, hope finds representation in the detail of a flight. One wing unfolded in space is his magnificent work, created with a digital collage by scanning fragments of sumi-e by the Zen artist and monk Ezio Zanin, then created by the artist a digital collage with his own photos.

His “The double reality” is the double reality that we can discover to get out of the chains of pain, merging it with joy in a big universal embrace. >> Mariana Paparà

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The missed meeting

A personal reading of the church Santa Croce, Chur in Switzerland by architect Walter Maria Förderer.

I was struck by his minimalist architecture inspired by Le Corbusier. Visit my lucky one for the time of day, lights and shadows met and chased each other … That missed encounter that we chase for a lifetime …

Hahnemuhle print on 100% cotton paper. CIRCULATION: LIMITED EDITION 2 of 5.

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Self-portrait: mine here and now

/ SELF-PORTRAIT / The self-timer in contemporary photography
/ definition or delimitation of absence and presence, of “I and” SUBJECT “/
/ curated by Alberto Desirò in collaboration with Vittorio D’Onofri Exhibition of contemporary photography
ONART Gallery – Via della Pergola, 61r – Florence

TITLE OF THE WORK: Self-portrait: mine here and now

CIRCULATION: LIMITED EDITION 1 of 5, numbered and signed Hahnemühle certification


PRINTING TECHNIQUE: Glicèe fine art (Digigraphie®) SUPPORT: Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Bright White. White matt wood frame + white passepartout + pollarized glass.

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Between real and unreal

An international exhibition project dedicated to the meeting between Italian and foreign artists on contemporary issues.

The exhibition, curated by Mariana Paparà, presents the works of 35 well-established artists from Italy, Canada, Germany and Romania.

Painting, sculpture, installation, photographic reworking, etching and experimental graphics represent some of the many languages ​​on display.

The path therefore proposes a significantly stratified reading on one of the questions that obsess people of all times, including biblical memories, prophecies and secular reflections on the destinies of life and the cosmos. The works become real emotional trajectories capable of pushing the viewer on an endless journey into the human soul, sometimes halfway between dreamlike suggestions and colorful dips in memory, but also sculptures that, light and elegant, are the sign incisive of the inner world from which the artist draws inspiration and manage, therefore, to evoke an expressive vigor of great suggestion. A multicultural journey in search, not only of what they have in common, but also of the differences they enrich, values ​​that open new mental horizons. Aripa

Hahnemuhle print on 100% cotton paper. CIRCULATION: LIMITED EDITION 2 of 5.

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Timeline portrait: the past and the present of my mother

Timeline portrait: my mother’s past and present. Seeing her look at her photos as a young girl, mine as a child, and her husband (my father), who was missing a few months after I was born, aroused strong emotions. I have seen the years pass and so I had the instant idea of superimposing the image of her as a young man and her portrait of now. Double exposure technique in the room for photos 3, 4 and 5, black and white. Seeing the three superimposed images materialized the passage of time in the impetuous changes of the structure of the face, of the look, of the wrinkles … But its essence is there, the soul in the here and now, bridge three the past and present.

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It is not time that passes

It is not time that passes … but it is we who pass through time.